📈 99 Strikes Fishing Co used this DECEPTIVELY SIMPLE strategy to scale 3X and grow its business.

Scaling proving costly? 😭 Here’s how you can scale your ad spend AND improve your ROAS!

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In this week’s letter 📨:

  • 😭 Scaling proving costly? Grow your business with this SIMPLE strategy

  • 🛍️ Why Meta’s Advantage+ shopping campaigns are here to stay

  • ✌️ 2 time-saving hacks to grow your business NOW

  • 🥤 #FeaturedAd - BKR

  • 👗 #BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Boutique 1861

Missed us this last fortnight? We missed you too! Unfortunately, more than one of our team members found themselves hospitalized (yikes!) and so we couldn’t keep our date(s) with you. But we’re back. And we have some very exciting news coming up over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

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Looking to Scale? This DECEPTIVELY SIMPLE Strategy Is All You Need

Can’t scale on Facebook and Instagram ads without lowering your ROAS?

Of course, there’s no denying that ad costs are at an all-time high in 2022.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be scaling, even if you’re a relatively new brand.

Here’s a really simple strategy that 99 Strikes Fishing Co followed in order to scale their ad spend while maintaining (and then, increasing) their ROAS!

GIF of man saying it's not rocket science against the US flag

Want to find out how they did it?

Read all about it here.

BONUS: You’ll save at least 90% of the time you spend on your Facebook Ads manager too!

Meta’s Advantage+ Campaigns Are Here To Stay

We wrote about how to set up Facebook’s Advantage+ shopping campaigns.

It’s been a month since the campaigns were launched, and though the noise around them has died down a bit, most advertisers are now using these as part of their campaign set.

This very helpful blog post by Foxwell Digital sums up the early learnings on these campaigns and argues why these campaigns should be part of your mix for BFCM.

TL;DR: One key point on which these campaigns stand out is how quickly they show results when launched with new creatives or offers. A quicker optimization window may make a difference during BFCM promotions in 2022. (Or you could use Socioh's Smart Switch!)

And here’s a quick roundup of the best practices for setting them up:

  1. Use at least 10 creatives per campaign.

  2. These campaigns perform best if they get out of the learning phase.

  3. Use a mix of different types of creatives. BONUS: Using a catalog creative in the mix is bringing our users amazing results.

  4. Time-saving campaigns, but run them along with your tested and optimized. campaigns. These are not a substitute for your tested audiences and campaigns.

  5. You can adjust the attribution window from 7dc/1dv down to 1dc like with existing campaigns.

What are your thoughts? Have you tested Meta’s Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns yet?

We want to know everything!👂

The ONLY TWO Tweets You Need to Grow Your Business Today

We know we usually bring you the best of curated threads for this section.

Today, we have something different.

Just two tweets you need to grow your business and save time.

YES, that’s right.

The first one, by @timduncaan, outlines an organic strategy for TikTok ads P.S. This is your chance if you’ve been wondering about TikTok but haven’t made the foray yet).

And the second is an SEO hack so simple we’re pinching ourselves for not thinking of it sooner! Thanks, @SEOKeval!

P.S. Semrush should work just fine here too. We checked! And they have a free trial!

Useful, isn't it? You're welcome!

#FeaturedAd - BKR

Brand: BKRCategory: Beauty and Personal CareFormat: Video


One of the most effective uses of social proof as a hook.

Most of the work is already done with the text on the opening slide “The TikTok viral Doe Sip Kits”. Short, clean, and simple, the ad centers on virality as proof of its utility.

All of 17 seconds, the short video then showcases the product. The pastel colors of the sipper and the product reviews that follow add context and clinch the deal for anyone on the fence, but the utility of the product is already established. The video ends with the brand logo and tagline. No hard sell is required!

See this ad and 1000s of others in Socioh’s ads library.

#BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Boutique 1861

Brand: Boutique 1861Category: Apparel Template type: Frame with cutout price and dynamic discounts

Branded Catalog showcasing products from Boutique 1861, a fashion brand


  • Beautiful use of colors and graphics to showcase the store’s fall collection.

  • Cutout prices and exact discount % values are dynamically mapped for each product.

  • Inventory is discreetly mapped below prices to create FOMO while keeping the focus on the product.

  • The brand logo and product names increase recall and add trust.

Socioh’s Branded Catalogs are proven to improve your CTR by 31%. Learn more here.

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