⚠️ ALERT: Meta is banning ad accounts! Check yours NOW.

Facing bans and restrictions on Meta? You’re not the only one.

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In this week’s letter 📨:

  • ⚠️ ALERT: Meta is banning ad accounts

  • 🤝🏽 Looking to hire an ad agency? Here’s the ONLY advice you need

  • 🔔 It’s time to start planning your Black Friday promotions

  • 👶 #FeaturedAd - Lalo

  • 🏋️‍♀️ #BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Exoticathletica

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What A Mess! Meta Is Banning Ad Accounts, Rejecting Ads

You’d think frequent changes to its algorithm and poor attribution were bad enough.

But there’s more.

Meta is now rejecting ads and banning ad accounts out of the blue!

Yes. That’s right.

Several ad experts like @andrewfoxwell and @hermanndigital have complained about it recently:

The decisions seem to be totally ad hoc, and there seems to be no logic to the bans.

#ICYMI This blog details some possible solutions if your ads are rejected by Meta.

But what about ad account bans?

This is in fact a bug, as @CoryDobbin recently confirmed:

Phew! We’re really hoping this means that Facebook support will come through! 😅

While Facebook fixes this bug, is there anything you can do to protect your ad account?

Here are our top two tips:

  • As far as possible, use an active (and verifiable) Facebook profile to manage your Facebook Business Manager - this will help Meta know you’re a real person.

  • Enable 2-factor authentication in your account.

Here are some additional tips you can implement so you’re prepared if your ad account is banned:

  • Appeal to Meta if your account is wrongly banned – miracles do happen!

  • Add a second manager to your Meta Business Manager/ ad account with admin permissions.

  • Make sure you have a government ID for the profile attached to your Business Manager in case Meta asks to verify your identity.

  • Create a second ad account and configure it - add managers, billing info, etc.

  • You should be able to add a second Facebook Pixel to your website. Make sure it is tested and capturing all events correctly in case you need to fall back on it.

We know it’s frustrating. But remember, giving up is not an option. 💪

GIF with muscular man saying "You are not a quitter"

🗨️Faced account bans and survived? Tell us how you did it!

It will really help other founders and advertisers reading this newsletter.

In-Market For An Ads Agency? We’ve Got You Covered

Have too much on your plate and want to outsource some of your work to an agency?

Here’s precious advice by Helen Guo, co-founder of Schoolyard Snacks:

The ten steps she lists out are useful for both smaller brands looking to get shoppers to their store, as well as bigger brands looking to scale.

Remember, the services you get are as good as the questions you ask!

👉 We think tweets 6 and 9 are GOLD!

Do you have any time-tested tips for hiring agencies? We’d love to hear about them!

Time To Plan Your Black Friday Promotions. Yes, It’s That Time Of The Year

Wondering when to start planning your holiday promotions?

Now would be a good time.

So how do you go about it?

There are a lot of guides out there.

This detailed blog by @heyitsalexP covers all the major things you need to plan your holiday sales. (P.S. You’ll need to create an account and sign in to access the entire piece.)

Here’s a quick overview of what it covers:

  • A simple data-based model to understand how well you’re retaining your customers and how recency impacts your sales.

  • How to estimate your Holiday sales revenue based on your current customers based on this model.

  • Where to focus - and how to get more customers if you’re short of your goal revenue.

  • How to get your shoppers hyped, even without offers.

  • And how to get the maximum value out of customers you’ve just acquired.

Yea, it’s pretty solid.

And what if we told you we have a super tool to help you update your catalog creatives without losing your campaign learning on Meta?

You’re welcome! 🫶

#FeaturedAd - Lalo

Brand: LaloCategory: Baby and Toddler ProductsFormat: Video


Who would pass up a chance to get more compliments?

This video’s opening hook not only makes you want to hear more, but it also sets up expectations in a way that’ll probably make you sit out the entire 34 seconds happily.

The video also looks like UGC or user-generated content (though it could just as easily be shot by an influencer against a green screen!), and showcases the best features of the baby chair. And those are impressive enough that you want to keep watching. With the right audience, an ad creative like this is a winner!

See this ad and 1000s of others in Socioh’s ads library.

#BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Exoticathletica

Brand: Exoticathletica Category: Activewear Template type: 2-image with promotion

Socioh's Branded Catalog made by activewear brand Exoticathletica


  • Clean and minimalist template that focuses attention on the product and the offer.

  • The bold ‘80% OFF’ text brings the shoppers’ attention to the promotion in the store.

  • 2-image template allows the brand to showcase movement - shoppers can see how the activewear will look during exercise.

Socioh’s Branded Catalogs are proven to improve your CTR by 31%. Learn more here.

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