🛑 ALERT: Meta launches insights for Shops

+ 3 growth levers for your ad account

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In this week’s letter 📨:

  • 👀 Meta’s just-launched insights for Shops

  • Three growth levers for your ad account

  • ​​⚡ An easy CRO test to supercharge your sales

  • ​​​​​​🧊 #FeaturedAd - Corkcicle

  • 🚴 #BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Exoticathletica

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DON’T MISS: Meta Releases Insights for Shops

Fellow DTC advertisers; it looks like the Meta gods have decided to smile upon us.

Just this week, Meta finally released its Shops insights:

Want to know where to find them?

Open your Meta Commerce Manager (for the catalog you’re running Shops on) and you’ll see a section titled “Insights” under your catalog Overview (see screenshot below):

Here you have tons of insights at your fingertips — from web/shops split, FB/IG split, and more.

P.S. Haven’t set up your Facebook Shops yet? Do it! Especially if you’re profitable/breaking even on lower-priced SKUs, the additional volume Shops can drive to your store is totally worth it.

Three Levers To Scale Your Account Profitably — #3 Will Surprise You

Want to take your account to the next level?

Here are three growth hacks that pro advertisers swear by:

  1. Creative formats and angles: Runnings image ads? Try video and catalog ads too. Already running video ads? Test different hooks and offers.

    Mixing things up gives you a better chance of striking advertising gold!

  2. Custom email flows and retention strategy: Customizing your retention strategy is worth every penny.

    While there’s no shortcut to customer acquisition, writing the correct email flow for your existing customers can help you dial in those repeat orders while saving you ad dollars.

    P.S. Don’t be scared to remove unresponsive contacts from your email lists.

  3. Focus on your bestsellers: Want to see immediate improvements in your ad results?

    Separate your product funnels.

    What does this mean? Focus on the product lines that first-time customers are buying and spend a majority of your ad spend on these.

Want more details? Check out this tweet by MikeLukashewich:

Thank you, Mike! 🙏

An Easy CRO Test That Can Help You Increase Your Revenue

Want to improve your CRO without adding too many new elements?

Simply optimize the information you put ‘above the fold’ on both web and mobile.

Here’s an example by Oliver Kenyon:

What we love:

  • Thumbnails of all product images available are placed under the main image — a great way to incentivize shoppers to click through them!

  • Short USPs are highlighted up top, helping shoppers view benefits right up top.

  • Subscribe-and-save options showcase value, helping serious shoppers compare recurring costs.

#FeaturedAd - Corkcicle

Brand: Corkcicle
Category: Home Goods
Format: Video (Story)


Want to make video ads but don’t have any professional footage?

This simple GIF-like ad by Corkcicle does a great job of catching the eye and announcing their summer promotion.

And it’s perfect for a full-length story ad on Instagram.

Using fresh and summery colors, the ad showcases their BOGO offer (and select product range), while directing customer clicks to their complete summer sale collection.

Brilliant use of an offer and ad real estate to get relevant audiences into their funnel!

Want more ideas? See this ad and 1000s of others in Socioh’s ad library.

#BrandedCatalog Spotlight - ExoticAthletica

Brand: Exoticathletica
Category: Activewear
Template type: Product image with frame and overlay


  • Dark borders and lifestyle images stand out in shoppers’ feeds.

  • The template further uses a bold frame and overlay to draw attention.

  • The discount code is prominently displayed on each card in the catalog, incentivizing clicks.

Create dynamic ads that stand out. Get started with Socioh’s Branded Catalogs here.

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