🎉 Your BFCM ad toolkit is ready (& it’s iOS14-proof!) 🚀

Socioh 2.0 is literally ALL you need for Meta ads this holiday season.

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In this week’s letter 📨:

  • 😍 Your holiday ads are about to get a LOT more profitable

  • 💸 You’re leaving money on the table with your dynamic ads

  • 🧰 Why you need an attribution tool post iOS 14

  • 🛑 Creative testing without creative reporting? STOP

  • 🥤 #BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Brümate BFCM

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Socioh 2.0 Is Here To Change Your Life

Really. We’re not exaggerating.

Socioh (2.0) has everything you need to create & manage profitable ads on Facebook & Instagram.

✅ Creatives proven to boost CTR✅ Lookalikes that actually work✅ First-party pixel for unbiased reporting✅ Alerts on when to increase or decrease your budget

..and lots more.

Why is it such a big deal?

Glad you asked.

You already know that iOS14 broke a great many things when it came to Facebook ads — targeting, attribution, ad costs, etc. Nothing works the same way anymore.

While there are a great many piecemeal solutions and tools advertisers have had to resort to, we believe there should be ONE tool that does it all.

Gif of 'one ring to rule them all' from Lord of the rings

So we built it!

From data-based campaign recommendations to first-party pixel, creative attribution, value-based audiences, and more, Socioh 2.0 does ALL the hard work for you.

And it’s just in time for the holiday season too! 🥳

Sound too good to be true? Take a look and decide for yourself.

P.S. Ready to subscribe to Socioh? Get in touch with us for an early-bird discount. (Only because we 🫶🏽 you!)

STOP Making This Mistake With Your Catalog Ads

You’ve got the memo.

The product feed or catalog ad has always been an important source of ad revenue on Meta — both at the top of the funnel as DABA (Dynamic Ad, Broad Audience) ads, and at the bottom of the funnel as DPAs (Dynamic Product Ads).

But here’s the problem — with a standard product feed, every viewer sees the same creative.

This is a tremendous missed opportunity. 😭

Why? You’re missing out on the opportunity to show the most relevant message to each audience segment.

But you dont have to take our word for it.

Here’s @andrewfoxwell, founder of Foxwell Digital, dropping truth bombs: 💣

But how do you do it?

With Branded Catalogs, you get complete control over every aspect of your feed-based ads. With Socioh you can add on-brand backgrounds, designs, and elements to your product feed.

And that’s not all. Here’s how you can use Branded Catalogs to give your ads an edge this BFCM ‘22.

You Need An Attribution Tool Post iOS14. But Don’t Pay For It Yet!

You know it.

Everyone’s talking about it.

Data-loss post iOS14 is real and has affected Meta’s ability to correctly attribute sales to ad campaigns. There’s over-and-under-attribution, missed sales, and more.

With the limited data Facebook now has at its disposal, not only has ROAS dipped but advertisers are also finding it increasingly hard to decide which campaigns they should scale, which to cut budgets from, and which to kill.

So much so that a lot of pro marketers are saying that attribution tools are indispensable in a post-ATT world.

But why pay for yet another tool when you can get everything in one place?

GIF of Bart Simpson from The Simpsons exclaiming "Jackpot" at a casino


Socioh 2.0 provides you with your own first-party pixel for reliable, unbiased data. Now you get to track exactly which campaign, ad, and ad set each sale is coming from.

That’s not all — we even show you which platform your customer first came to you from, and exactly how many touch points it took to convert each customer with detailed customer journey tracking.

Plus, in your dashboard, you now get a snapshot of all your important advertising metrics including your Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER), Customer acquisition cost (CAC), ROAS from new customers, and more!

And the analytics data is pulled from multiple sources, giving you as accurate a picture as possible.

All of this is included in the cost of our subscription — no add-ons, no upsells. 🤯 (NOTE: Advanced analytics are available only for Shopify stores.)

Want to check it out? Get started with Socioh here. P.S. We offer a no-questions-asked 60-day money-back guarantee for all first-time subscribers. Woot!

Testing Creatives? Fantastic! What Are You Doing About Creative Reporting Though?

If there’s one thing all marketers, agencies, and advertisers agree on right now, it’s that you should be testing your creatives.

Some have even shared their structure for it (SO helpful, thank you @wiwinanamktg).

But like @social_savannah says here, testing is only as good as your analytics!

Lucky for you, with Socioh 2.0 we show you your best-performing creatives right on your dashboard.

What’s more, we’re even testing a new Creative Performance Hub where you can evaluate your creatives across various dimensions like CTR and ROAS.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Screenshot of Socioh's Creative reporting dashboard

Helpful? We thought so! <3

#BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Brümate BFCM

Brand: Brümate Category: Drinkware Template type: BFCM Smart Switch

GIF showing how Drinkware brand Brumate automatically switched its creatives in live catalog ads for BFCM using Socioh's Smart Switch


  • The brand was able to switch catalog designs to show BFCM offers on schedule.

  • Catalogs were automatically updated to reflect Black Friday promotions and revert at the end of the sale.

  • BOF (Bottom of the funnel) retargeting ads that had been running for months could have their messaging updated without any loss in campaign learnings.

  • Since the campaigns were already running, they did not have to spend any time being reviewed by Facebook. Offers could be shown in ads as soon as they were live.

Update your catalog creatives in LIVE ads without losing campaign optimization. Escape the learning loop with Socioh’s Smart Switch.

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