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Bhuvi Gupta
June 22, 2022

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In this week’s letter 📨:

  • 🧰 Shopify’s biggest feature drop EVER!?
  • ⚠️Your lookalikes are targeting the WRONG audiences
  • 🤑 Make more $$ from your website at zero extra cost
  • 🔌 REPLUG: 1000s of ad ideas to steal from! Completely FREE
  • 🌱 #FeaturedAd - Seed
  • 💍 Branded Catalog Spotlight - Stoned Hilda

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Shopify Just Dropped These Amazing Features for Sellers

In what is probably one of its biggest feature drops, Shopify announced a whole host of features for Summer 22.

We’ve talked about Shopify Audiences in some detail already.  

Let’s look at the other features that have just been launched:

  • Shop Cash: Extra cash incentives for shoppers using Shop Pay - craft unique offers!
  • Twitter Shopping: Sell your products directly on your Twitter profile.
  • Dovetale: Want to connect with creators? Shopify’s all-in-one creator management tool helps you find new creators, manage relationships, and track affiliate sales.
  • Linkpop: A free link in bio tool designed for commerce, powered by Shopify’s fast and secure checkout.
  • Marketplace Kit: Connect with millions of customers across platforms like Twitter with customized shopping experiences. 

Read more here.

Your Lookalikes Audiences Need More Love

To recap, if you’re using your email marketing tool to create lookalikes on Meta, YOU’VE GOT A PROBLEM. 

This is because most email marketing tools like Klaviyo do not send your customers’ value when syncing past buyers with Facebook.

And no, even CLTV-based customer lists do not adequately reflect the true value of each customer to your brand.

So how do you make sure your lookalikes aren’t targeting the wrong audiences?

Deep dive into RFM-based lookalikes with our CEO and founder, @Karanjassar, as he shows why Recency and Frequency (repeat purchases), in addition to Monetary value are valuable indicators for brand affinity — and why your customers’ list needs to account for them STAT.

The Only CRO Thread You Need to 2x Your Revenue

How do you get more revenue from the existing traffic on your website? 

The short answer is CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization.

Very simply, it means getting more conversions from potential customers who visit your website and landing pages. 

After all, a shopper who is already interested enough to click through to your website should be easy to convert. So how do you ensure you don’t lose your customers? 

This thread by @CarlWeische tells you everything you need to know:

#ICYMI: Looking to improve your AOV (average order value)? Your cart drawer and a thank you page are great for upsells. 

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#FeaturedAd - Seed

Brand: Seed
Category: Health & Wellness
Format: Video

Caption: Introducing PDS-08™: a 9-strain probiotic + prebiotic developed for kids to deliver benefits in gastrointestinal health, gut barrier integrity, gut immune function, dermatological health, and respiratory health.
Headline: Made for Kids. Made by Science.


The video keeps it simple. It addresses a fear — “parenting isn’t an exact science” to provide a novel gut-health solution for kids. Targeted at the parent who is always looking to improve their child’s health, the video clearly identifies its audience — the label reading, ingredient-checking parent who wants better health for their child. 

The video focuses on the product. The only visual used shows off their clean and functional packaging (used to deliver exact pre-and-probiotic doses for every day of the week). The green product on green background allow the ad to bring all focus on the white text which does just one thing - speak to the decision maker.

And the ad caption and heading stress the key message — probiotics is an exact science, one that the brand knows well. 

Branded Catalog Spotlight - Stoned Hilda

Brand: Stoned Hilda
Category: Jewelry
Template type: Gradient with text


  • The subtle grey gradient makes the catalog stand out in a plain (white or dark themed) feed.
  • Since the catalog is used for retargeting, minimalist design is used.
  • Product photos are zoomed in to showcase the unique stones and designs.
  • Text is used to speak to the brand persona and highlight the storewide offer.

Branded Catalogs help design and automate your product feed. Learn more here.

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