💪 Crush BFCM 2023: How Brümate scaled their Facebook dynamic ads for a supercharged Black Friday 🔥

NEW IN: Your shoppers on Meta can now Buy with Amazon

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In this week’s letter 📨:

  • 💪 Crush BFCM Meta ads using Brümate’s playbook

  • ⚡ NEW IN: Your Meta shoppers can now buy with Amazon

  • ​​ Don’t waste clicks on your SMS campaigns 

  • ​​​​🫒 #FeaturedAd - Brightland

  • 🧕 #BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Urban Modesty

  • 🆕 New ads @Socioh

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Drinkware Brand Brümate’s Secret To Crushing BFCM Ads On Meta

Despite catalog ads being one of the most profitable ads on Meta, the popular drinkware brand Brümate was hardly running any.

The reason?

The same as for 1000s of advertisers — catalog ads are plain, boring, and there’s no way to add your branding to them.

But with Socioh, they were able to design their dynamic ads in line with their brand and messaging. Not just that, they could also update their Facebook catalog ads to show different offers for different days during their year-end sales.

All without losing sleep or resetting their campaign optimizations.

Want to know how BrüMate leveraged their powerful branding, and made use of our Smart Switch feature to crush their BFCM promotions? 

Read more here.

NEWS: Your Meta Shoppers Can Check Out With Amazon

Heard about it yet?

Your shoppers can now link their Facebook/Instagram accounts with Amazon. 

This will allow them to “Buy with Amazon” when they see merchants’ Amazon ads on Facebook and Instagram.

But didn’t Facebook already give shoppers the option to buy from Amazon?

Well, yes, and no. 

Until now, Facebook and Instagram would link to the product page on Amazon’s mobile website, where the user could look at pricing &reviews and check out by logging in to their Amazon account. 

Now, when a user clicks on an Amazon ad on Facebook or Instagram, they’ll be shown a stripped-down version of the Amazon product page with a prominent “Buy with Amazon” button.

Not only does this experience make checkouts faster, but it also helps the two platforms to deliver their shoppers more relevant ads. 

And the best part? The shared data could also mean that the platforms are better able to bypass challenges with Apple's App Tracking Transparency policy and unlock a lot of growth potential for merchants. 

Excited yet? We know we are!

Don’t Waste Your SMS Clicks This BFCM

Want to make sure your SMS campaigns count this BFCM? 

Here’s how you can get the most from them, according to @yojimmykim, CEO and founder of Sendlane: 

Key takeaway?

Don’t let clicks on your SMS campaign go to waste.

For those who clicked but didn’t buy, follow up with another email or SMS 3 hours after their click, giving them more reasons to buy.

Try this now! It works like magic.🪄

And while you’re at it, here’s something to remind you why plain text emails should be part of your email marketing strategy and how to get them right.

#FeaturedAd - Brightland

Brand: Brightland
Category: Food & Beverage
Format: Single Image (Story)



All the heavy lifting in this simple ad is done by the bold copy “Our only sale of the year”.

The visual is super simple, the offer is uncomplicated (up to 30% off sitewide) and the caption is direct.

While it is undoubtedly a great ad for retargeting shoppers already familiar with the brand, we can see this ad performing well with prospecting audiences. 

Especially with the holidays around the corner, when everyone’s looking for a great gift!

Want more ideas? See this ad and 1000s of others in Socioh’s ad library.

#BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Urban Modesty

Brand: Urban Modesty
Category: Apparel
Template type: Early Black Friday Sale


  • The 2-image format and bold colors stand out in shoppers’ feeds.

  • Lifestyle photos from different angles allow users to visualize how the product will look, which can help reduce returns.

  • The “Black Friday Preview Sale” and “Extra 20% OFF” copy emphasize the great offer and create FOMO.

Create dynamic catalogs using multiple images from your product feed. Get started with Socioh’s Branded Catalogs here.

What’s New @Socioh

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