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In this week’s letter 📨:

  • 📧 You’re looking at the wrong email metrics 

  • ​​​​🤔 Is it Meta or is it your account structure? 

  • 📣 3 EASY static ads to test now

  • ​​​​😴 #FeaturedAd - Oat Haus

  • 👜 #BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Kettlebell Kings

  • 🆕 New Ads @Socioh

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4 Email Metrics You Should Be Looking At But Aren’t

Looking at open and click rates for your retention emails? 

Not only are these metrics not enough, they may even be misleading.

After all, anything that doesn’t generate revenue is costing you!

Here are the top 4 metrics you should be looking at instead: 

  • Revenue per Email (RPE)

  • Gross Profit per Order (GPPO)

  • Repurchase Rate (RPR)

  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Want to know more? See this tweet by @Ferastotle:

BONUS: Track your revenue per subscriber — is there a significant difference between subscribers and non-subscribers? If there is, pass this info back to your marketing team and find low-cost ways to get your shoppers to sign up!

More Reasons To Consolidate Your Ad Account Structure

Almost everyone is seeing inconsistent, if not outright poor, performance on Meta.

But @MattiSchroder is reporting new customer ROAS up by 36% YOY. 

So what’s his secret sauce? 

Ad account consolidation, and respecting the learning phase:

One easy way to consolidate your account? Broad audiences!

Here are some tips on what’s working right now.

3 Static Ads To Test In Your Account Now  

Always looking for new hooks or angles for your creative? 

We get it. 

But how about trying out something really simple?

Here are 3 ad ideas that work every time:

And they are so EASY to make.

Thanks for the reminder that FOMO works, @imrayjohnston!

P.S. While these ads are especially effective for apparel brands, we’ve seen this format work for accessories and home goods too. Want yet more ideas? Check out how to add FOMO to your catalog ads.

Brand: Oat Haus
Category: Food & Beverage
Format: Static Image (Feed & Story)


Newness works. 

Especially if you’re a niche brand.

As a gluten-and-nut-free brand selling specialty spreads, Oat Haus has a dedicated audience. 

However, it does need to incentivize purchases and add new customers to its brand. 

Let’s see how this eye-catching ad for a Limited Edition Granola butter does it: 

  • The big, bold ‘Limited Edition’ text in caps emphasizes newness and creates urgency/FOMO.

  • The product shot with its very 70s show aesthetic is unmissable, inviting shoppers not yet familiar with the brand to click.

The copy is simple, relying on classic sugary breakfast favorites to invite a wider audience to click/purchase. 

Want more ideas? See this ad and 1000s of others in Socioh’s ad library.

#BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Kettlebell Kings

Brand: Kettlebell Kings
Category: Fitness
Template type:  Multi-brand layout with dynamic discounts


  • The category-based design allows this multi-brand fitness retailer to focus on different messaging for distinct categories/lines.

  • The template highlights discounts and product names for the core line, and USPs and discounts for the Hydrate line to convey value.

  • Slashed prices and dynamic discounts are automatically mapped for each product.

Add different designs for different categories in the same catalog! Learn more about customizing your dynamic ads with Socioh’s Branded Catalogs.

New Ads @Socioh

New ads this week — Plant People, Gigantic, Miracle Brand, and more. Find these ads and tons of inspiration in Socioh’s ad library.

P.S. We update our library with new ads every week

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