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  • 💥 5 winning campaigns for BFCM 2022

  • 🛍️ Don't miss this HOT TIP about discounts this BFCM

  • 👂🏼 Did someone say creative testing?

  • 🩱 #FeaturedAd - Andie

  • 🌺 #BrandedCatalog Spotlight - 100 Senses

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Advertising on Meta? Don’t miss out on these 5 ad campaigns for your BFCM sales

It’s that time of the year again.

Stores have started targeting discount shoppers, ad costs are going up, and advertisers are using their best creative hooks to convert shoppers.


Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

But if you haven’t set up your BFCM ads yet, or are wondering why your current ads aren’t working, don’t panic! We have something to help you.

Seriously, you DO NOT want to miss out on these winning ads.

And yes, you’re welcome! <3

How To Structure Your Discounts This BFCM

You’ve got your BFCM campaign structure sorted.

But have you thought about how to structure your discounts?

And what should be the ONE thing you need to be careful about when planning your discounting strategy?

Hear @andrewjfaris interview Jess Bachman of @hirefireteam in this 5-minute podcast for some fantastic advice on discounts.

Did you want a quick summary of what Jess has to say?

We're here for you!

Jess' top insight is to avoid 'monolithic' discounts for BFCM. Instead, his advice is to use offers strategically, in order to target different segments of shoppers.

His own strategy is to run two kinds of discounts:

  • Volume discounts for people who already know the brand. An example here could be a “Buy 5, Get 3 Offer”. With a high AOV (average order value), these margin-friendly discounts are profitable for the brand while still being competitive.

  • Sampling discounts for new shoppers who have no brand affinity. For example, use a deep discount like a BOGO offer for Cyber Monday to acquire new customers who may already have spent a considerable amount on other brands.

P.S. We love this template, Andrew. Now there’s a good use of 5 minutes!

An Agency Tested 115 Ads For BFCM. Here’s What They Learned

Did we hear you say creative testing?

What do you do if you have neither the time nor the budget to do it at scale?

The answer is easier than you think — you learn from others, of course!

See what @nicholassbauer of Kynship has to say based on his experience with running 115 creatives for BFCM this year:

If there’s one thing we took away from his thread, it is to try a creative mix — and never to underestimate the power of a bold single-image ad!

#FeaturedAd - Andie

Brand: AndieCategory: SwimwearFormat: Video


There’s a reason why brands are throwing money at influencers.

This ad is proof of what a good influencer can do. Using the ‘mystery package’ format, the ‘curvy’ influencer tries on 4 different swimwear options. The format is so engaging that even though the ad runs over a minute and a half, it’s hard to stop watching.

P.S. Can we have more? A swimwear ad that doesn’t leave us feeling like we need to draw up a 6-month diet plan is a WIN, and proof that the brand isn’t bluffing! With swimsuits that look THIS good on a real body, the ad really leaves us hopeful we’ll meet our “swimsuit soulmate”!

Time to stop holding our breaths, ladies (phew!). Our swimsuit search may indeed be over!

See this ad and 1000s of others in Socioh’s ads library.

#BrandedCatalog Spotlight - 100 Senses

Brand: 100 SensesCategory: Bath & BodyTemplate type: 2-image template with background removal, rotating background images, and mapped reviews

Socioh Branded Catalog for 100 senses store


  • Unique catalog that uses multiple design elements and immediately stands out in any shopper’s feed.

  • The template juxtaposes background-removed product images against rotating backgrounds to draw the eye.

  • The rotating backgrounds focus on the products’ exquisite fragrances and help reiterate the brand’s key messaging.

  • Reviews mapped onto the template highlight product quality and the sensory experience of using them.

Replace primary product photos in your catalog ads with secondary or custom images in just one click. Learn more about Socioh’s Branded Catalogs here.

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