☠️ Are Facebook Ads Dead? What are Your Alternatives?

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Bhuvi Gupta
May 25, 2022

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In this week’s letter 📨:

  • 🤔 Shopify Audiences: Will they work for you?
  • 💔 Time to break up with Facebook ads?
  • 🏋️‍♂️ 13 Marketing channels to help you unlock growth
  • 💄 #FeaturedAd - Jones Road
  •  👨‍👨‍👧 Branded catalog spotlight - Father’s Day

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Your Primer to Shopify Audiences

A lot has been promised with Shopify audiences. But are they really the answer to the post-iOS14 ad slump? Or are they just so much more hype?

Our founder and CEO, @Karanjassar, shares his experience and tells it like it really is.

  • How do Shopify Audiences work?
  • What results can you expect from the Audience Network?
  • What has our experience with the tool been like?

Should You Look for an Alternative to Facebook Ads? 

If you are an advertiser, you know you’ve considered giving up on Meta at least once (every day).

Frequent bugs, unannounced changes in algorithms, and delayed attribution, not to mention the unending-post-iOS 14-woes — running ads on Facebook is certainly not for the faint-hearted! 🤬😭

But is walking out on Facebook really an option? 

And are you going to get better results on other channels? Take a look at this thread by @mrahmey before you decide to call it quits:

Still looking to file your divorce papers? Tell us why and we’ll ask @jaketheadnerd to reopen his Twitter poll.

13 Best Channels for eCommerce Success

What is a marketing channel? 

Is there a correct one for your business? 


How do you choose the correct mix for your business? 

If you’re a business owner, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time worrying about these questions. 

So we found you an expert on the subject. Here’s Alex Greifeld’s checklist of the top channels to set your business up for success. 🙌 

What’s more, you’ll get insights on how to choose the right channels for YOUR brand. Helpful? We've got your back! 

#FeaturedAd - Jones Road

Category: Cosmetics
Format: Video

Caption: What The Foundation is unlike any foundation you’ve tried. 
Not heavy, cakey, or dry. WTF is light and moisturizing, and barely noticeable so every day can be a great skin day.
Headline: What The…Foundation


The ad tackles the biggest problem with make-up right away: a foundation that is heavy, cakey, or dry.

This caption copy is repeated in the first half of the video to reinforce the solution, after which we see women with different skin shades using the product. The almost ‘raw’, or unedited feel of the video makes it look authentic. It feels like snippets of user reviews put together, adding trust. Finally, the last screen leaves their shoppers with a clear call to action (CTA) - click through to the website to “Find your shade”. 

Branded Catalog Spotlight - Father’s Day 👨‍👨‍👧


  • The minimalist design and choice of color bring attention to the occasion.
  • The lifestyle image allows shoppers to visualize the product, resulting in higher conversion.
  • Cutout prices higlight the occasion-based offer to create FOMO.

Branded Catalogs help design and automate your product feed. Learn more here.

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