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A printable guide to everything Advantage+ on Meta

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In this week’s letter 📨:

  • ​​💯 Meta’s Advantage+ terminology confusing you? Let us help

  • ​​🎯 Step-by-step guide to optimizing your landing pages

  • 📽️ Why dismissing Instagram reels will cost you $$

  • ​​​​👟 #FeaturedAd - Kizik

  • 👩‍👦 #BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Mother’s Day

  • 🆕 What’s new @Socioh

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All Of Meta’s Advantage+ Tools For Advertisers Explained

We’ll be the first to admit it.

It’s hard keeping track of everything Advantage+ on Meta.

We all know that Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns have been the hottest thing in media buying this year.

But what are Advantage+ Catalogs? Advantage+ Creatives for Catalog? Or even Advantage+ Placements?

Feel like you're losing your mind?

It’s not you, it’s Meta.

It IS getting impossible to keep track of which are new features and which are just renamed or repackaged.

And that’s why we made this handy guide to all things Advantage on Meta for you.

P.S. We even made a nifty little table you can pin to your team board so everyone is on the same page.

An Easy Guide To Optimizing Your Landing Pages

Meta ads getting higher CTR (click-through rate) but still not seeing conversions?

Time to consider landing page optimization.

Landing pages are cost-effective and great ways to sustain shoppers’ interest.

Want a playbook on how to test and optimize them?

Say no more.

We have just the resource for you. 🫶

Don’t Dismiss Reels Just Yet

Yes, Tiktok is the blue-eyed boy for advertisers right now.

But don’t ignore Instagram’s Reels placement just yet.


For one, since Instagram launched reels, people spend 24% more time on the platform:

Thanks @CoryDobbin for this important reminder.

#FeaturedAd - Kizik

Brand: Kizik
Category: Footwear
Format: Video (Story)


It’s all about the hook.

The 19-second video starts with a customer throwing away their old shoes, and the same action is highlighted in both bold text, as well as the voiceover.

Once it has your attention, the ad quickly highlights the shoes' key USPs — we love that they’re so easy to slip on and off.

Plus, the videos feel so real — the raw and unedited-looking video feels like genuine user-generated content.

We know which pair of shoes we’re looking up for our next purchase!

Want more ideas? See this ad and 1000s of others in Socioh’s ads library.

#BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Mother’s Day

Occasion: Mother’s Day
Template type: Sale template featuring lifestyle image, cut-price and dynamic discounts


  • A super cute template that immediately highlights the occasion and stands out in shoppers’ feeds.

  • Clear sale copy to highlight the promotion.

  • Dynamic discounts and cut-price automation highlight the offer clearly, while the Mother’s Day sticker creates urgency by indicating a timed promotion.

Set up your Mother’s Day templates in just one click using Socioh’s occasion templates. Learn more about Branded Catalogs here.

What’s New @Socioh

A lot of you have been asking about all the product features and new updates we’ve been launching.

And because we aim to please, we’re adding this section to highlight all the cool stuff you can do with Socioh.

  • Checked out our updated campaigns tab? We’ve refined our recommendations based on Meta's current guidelines and our learnings across 100s of accounts. Plus, with our new, leaner interface you can create, edit, and manage all your campaigns in one place.

  • A few of you asked us to enable DCO (dynamic creative optimization) on Socioh. Last week, we launched a DCO toggle at the ad-set level for all conversion ads so you never need to open your Meta Ads Manager again! 🙌

Want to request a feature? Reply to this email describing a problem you’d like us to solve and we’ll check feasibility and add it to our pipeline.

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