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Why Taylor Holiday is not quite right about attribution tools

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  • ​​🎤 Why Taylor Holiday is not entirely right about attribution tools

  • ✅ Meta’s Adv+ shopping campaigns -what's working in summer 2023

  • 🪲 Another day, another bug

  • ​​​​👗 #FeaturedAd - Beginning Boutique

  • 💎 #BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Stoned Hilda

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The Debate On Attribution Tools Is Far From Settled

Do you need an attribution tool?

It’s been the big debate of 2022.

But it’s far from over.

Everyone who runs ads has an opinion on it.

While you can safely ignore a number of these opinions, when it’s Taylor Holiday (CEO, Common Thread Collective) listing his objections to a first-party tracking tool, you listen.

And so we did.

But while we agree in spirit, we cannot entirely agree with Taylor’s objections.

Does your measurement really need to be aligned with Meta’s optimization? And is past performance not a good indicator of future trends?

Both of these arguments sound convincing, don’t they?

But there’s a catch.

Listen to our founder, @Karanjassar’s rebuttal of Taylor’s objections against first-party pixels here:

Karan Jassar responds to Taylor Holiday on first-party pixels

P.S. We’re not saying you have to agree with us. But we are saying you should make up your own mind.

After all, it's only your company you have to lose.

Meta’s Adv+ Shopping Campaigns - What’s Working Now

Meta’s Advantage+ Shopping Campaign was probably the most talked about campaign setup in 2022.

Launched in the second half of 2022, this campaign quickly became the marketer’s darling, with some advertisers even spending 80% of their total ad budget on it.

In the past, we’ve talked about using 5-10 of your best-performing creatives across formats (image, video, carousel) in these campaigns.

While that structure continues to work for some accounts, others are seeing that catalog ads in such campaigns corner all the ad spend.

So what should you do?

Glad you asked.

Here is a roundup of our updated learnings for ASC in May 2023:

DON’T MISS: Define the "existing customers" budget cap at a maximum of 10% in all ASC campaigns to encourage Meta to spend on acquiring new customers.

The Bugs Keep Coming - The Meta Edition

Turns out there is a new bug in their ads manager now:

We’ve had customers report issues with creating ads or catalogs through our dashboard only to find out that Meta is sending us this toast “An unknown error has occurred.”

Very helpful, Meta. 🙄

What can you do?

Luckily these do not seem like major bugs, so keep calm and try again in a few hours — Meta usually resolves these issues sooner than later.

And yes, get in touch with us through your dashboard if you continue to face issues.

We’re more than happy to help.

#FeaturedAd - Beginning Boutique

Brand: Beginning BoutiqueCategory: ApparelFormat: Single Image (Story)

Ad by Beginning Boutique


It’s an ad that has your attention.

Let's face it, there’s no way you’re going to miss this ad.

With its yearbook-style collage, choice of font AND the offer — the ad sure knows how to grab the attention of its target audience.

If you're a young party-goer looking for a budget outfit for a night out, this is not a warehouse sale you'll want to miss.

Heck, if we could fit into those clothes, we’d sneak a peek too!

Want more ideas? See this ad and 1000s of others in Socioh’s ads library.

#BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Stoned Hilda

Brand: Stoned HildaCategory: JewelryTemplate type: Full-card lifestyle images with text

Branded catalog madde by Stoned Hilda


  • The catalog showcases the brand’s glamorous lifestyle images, easily standing out in any shopper’s feed.

  • Each image is perfectly fitted to take up the entire card, creating a magazine’s center-spread-like ad.

  • Stylized text is added to speak to the brand’s target clientele: free-spirited, bohemian, and glamorous.

Showcase secondary images in your dynamic catalog ads with Socioh’s Branded Catalogs. Learn more here.

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