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Creatives matter. And post-iOS 14, they matter more than ever. 

Bhuvi Gupta
June 15, 2022

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In this week’s letter 📨:

  • 📌 We’re launching the BIGGEST D2C Ad Library. 
  • 🧵 Setting up Google Analytics? We’ve got you covered.
  • 🧐 Excluding audiences from your Facebook ads - to do or not to do?
  • ⛵ #FeaturedAd - Faherty Brand
  • 👗 Branded Catalog Spotlight - Boutique 1861

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Creatives matter.

And post-iOS 14, they matter more than ever. 

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Set Up Your Google Analytics RIGHT. This Thread Tells You How.

Haven’t set up your Google Analytics because you’re scared you’ll get it wrong?

You don’t need a whiz to do it for you.

Use this super EASY step-by-step guide to set up in minutes:

Told you, we’ve got you covered! 

You’re welcome. 🤝

An Easy Guide to Facebook Ad Exclusions Post iOS 14

Wondering whether you should exclude your existing customers or BOF audiences from your Facebook and Instagram ads? 

Are there any best practices you should follow? 

Here’s @ashvinmelwani's thread to help you decide when and when not to exclude specific audiences from your Meta ads: 

Don’t want to browse the entire thread? Here are the key takeaways:

  • Don't exclude MOF/BOF from TOF.
  • Low budget/Small customer list - Use customer exclusions.
  • High budget/Big customer list - Don't use customer exclusions or exclude a segment like the last 60/90 days.
  • Use an attribution tool to see the split between old and new customers from your TOF ad.

Have you found a formula that works for you? We’d love to hear about it.

#FeaturedAd - Faherty Brand

Brand: Faherty Brand
Category: Apparel
Format: Video

Caption:  Totally versatile and always comfortable, the bestselling Arlie Day Pant goes everywhere. Getting dressed has never been easier
Headline: The Arlie Day Pant


Focusing on just one product, the ad sticks to the basics - great visuals and bold, minimal text. A product showcase in the opening and closing shots shows off the color variants while the text highlights key brand values - comfortable, cool clothing for everyday wear.

The short video highlights movement, even as it showcases the product on two very different body shapes. Relaxed sets and natural light make the video look effortless, almost as if it’s user-generated content. 

The caption and headline reinforce the text overlay on the video - the focus is on a cool, wearable summer staple that can be worn over and over. 

Branded Catalog Spotlight - Boutique 1861

Brand: Boutique 1861
Category: Apparel
Template type: Overlay with rotating text and inventory mapping


  • The vintage-inspired mint blue overlay brings attention to the ad in a dominant white feed.
  • The text on the top right corner brings attention to a timed anniversary sale, creating FOMO.
  • Rotating design elements and text on the bottom right highlight offer benefits like free shipping, free gifts on every order, and new designs. 
  • Finally, rule-based inventory mapping highlights listings with limited stock, creating urgency.

Branded Catalogs help design and automate your product feed. Learn more here.

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