😭 Meta ads in learning AGAIN? Here’s what you’re doing wrong

++ Make ads that scale with this simple strategy

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  • 😭 Are your Meta ads re-learning AGAIN?

  • ​​ The ONE thing you need to succeed at CRO

  • 💸 Have ads that don’t scale? Here’s what to do

  • 🏃‍♀️​​​​​​​ #FeaturedAd - Carbon38

  • 🧘 #BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Noli Yoga

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Meta Ads Re-entering Learning Phase? Bookmark This

Did your Meta ad campaign re-enter the learning phase AGAIN?

Not sure what caused it?

Here’s a quick table of all the actions that may reset campaign learnings (thanks, Rok!):


  • Adding UTMs can reset learnings. We learned this the hard way. 😭😭

  • Unlike what the table indicates, adding new creatives to learning optimized ad sets will usually not reset learnings.

  • Budget changes of 15-20% usually do not reset learnings, but this may differ from account to account.

TIP: Create and pause your BFCM ads ahead of time. With approval times of up to 72 hours in some cases, this Q4 is going to get crazy!

P.S. Did you know that you can change the messaging AND design of your optimized dynamic ads on Meta without restarting the learning process? Learn more.

Want To Get Better At Media Buying? Do This Now

Blaming the algorithm for affecting your ads’ performance?


If you’re a media buyer, replace the word algorithm with “audience” and see the difference it makes.
Don’t believe us?

Hear it from @DylanAnder, who explains why your decisions need to be driven by your customers, even when it comes to CRO:

Save this thread. You’ll thank us many times over!

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Make Winning Creatives With This Simple Strategy

We’ve all faced this problem.

We have an ad that performs well but doesn’t scale beyond a point.

So how do you create ads that you can double or triple your spend on while keeping CPAs lower?

According to @nicktheriot_, the key to a scalable ad lies in positioning:

Thanks for the great tip, Nick!

#FeaturedAd - Carbon38

Brand: Carbon38
Category: Apparel
Format: Single Image (Story)


Already running a sale in your store?

Instead of making the discounts bigger, why not add a sale on top of a sale?

If communicating such an offer is what’s holding you back, you only have to look at this ad by Carbon38.

The ‘bootylicious’ angle of the photo with the “Sale On Sale” messaging stresses what a great deal your shoppers are getting!

And it’s better for you (the seller)! Since you’re discounting an already discounted amount, the net discounts are lower.

We have to say, we’ve rarely seen such clear messaging.
(P.S. See how Socioh helped Noli Yoga design a catalog with this messaging in the next section.)

The only thing we’ll change?

In addition to adding FOMO in the caption, we’d go ahead and add a splashy sticker saying ‘Offer ends on {date}’ to get more clicks!

Want more ideas? See this ad and 1000s of others in Socioh’s ad library.

#BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Noli Yoga

Brand: Noli Yoga
Category: Apparel
Template type: Lifestyle images with ‘sale-on-sale’ cut price


  • The two-image design showcases the brand’s lifestyle images and each product’s fit to great effect.

  • The dark overlay adds interest and stands out in shoppers’ feeds.

  • Sale-on-sale prices are mapped, clearly showing the added value the brand is giving off to shoppers during a promotion.

Create dynamic catalogs using multiple images from your product feed. Get started with Socioh’s Branded Catalogs here.

What’s New @Socioh

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