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In this week’s letter 📨:

  • Do you even need this newsletter?
  • Meta bug alert. 🐞 Check your ad account.
  • Are Shops the next big thing? (And how to get your product feed in top shape)
  • #FeaturedAd - Brilliant Earth
  • Branded Catalog Spotlight - Noli Yoga

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Why Do You Need This Newsletter?

The world of advertising is evolving fast.

Every day, you hear about new product updates, bugs, changes to Meta’s algo, attribution issues, ‘what’s working’, and more. You have to keep up with every little detail or you get left behind.

It’s exhausting. 

The Wise Ad delivers what you need to know - and only what you need to know - to you, every week.

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Meta Bug Alert 🐞

We hate to start with this. But you really need to check your ad account.

There were 2 major bugs on Facebook last week.

No, you didn’t miss the mail.

Facebook did not (to the best of our knowledge) actually report these bugs to advertisers. 

We got the scoop from @herrmanndigital (an absolute must-follow for the latest on Facebook ads).

And sure enough, when we checked, we found that a number of our accounts were affected.

So, what actually happened? Well, on April 12:

Bug 1: Many ads (including some top performers) were switched off

Bug 2: The Shopify CAPI integration with Facebook was disconnected.

Give us a shout if you have any questions about these bugs.

Meta's Betting Big on Shops

After pushing Shops for smaller stores, Meta's now promoting Shops with bigger advertisers, even offering select stores up to 25k in free credits to run Shops ads. 

The only condition? That Shops have checkouts enabled.

Not surprising, given the effect the iOS 14 changes had on Meta's ad delivery algorithms — and stocks!  Whether or not it helps Meta regain lost ground, the results could be potentially huge for advertisers.

In this 2-part video, Karan Jassar, our CEO and founder, talks to Andrew Foxwell on the reasons behind this move, and why the product catalog matters more than ever before:

Part I: Facebook is betting big on Shops

Part II: Is your product feed ready?

What do you think? We’d love to hear what you have to say!


P.S. Want to learn more about Branded Catalogs? You can do that here

#FeaturedAd - Brilliant Earth

Brand: Brilliant Earth
Category: Jewelry/Watches
Format: Video

The unexpected movement in the ad was more eye-catching than an obvious video. The subdued color palette and emotionally relevant copy speak directly to the target audience.

Branded Catalog Spotlight - NOLI YOGA

Brand: Noli Yoga
Category: Athleisure
Template type: 2 image + review

Socioh Branded Catalog - Noli Yoga


  • The dark background immediately grabs attention in a predominantly light-colored feed. (fun fact - Noli A/B tested the same template in both light and dark themes. The dark theme outperformed by 3X).
  • The 2nd image in the background adds visual interest and shows off a different angle of the product.
  • Social proof by leading publications induces trust.
  • The yellow ‘5-star’ rating indicates outstanding quality.
  • Cut-out prices highlight a good discount and encourage instant conversion.

Branded Catalogs help design and automate your product feed. Learn more here.

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