🚨 Meta Bug Alert. Pause Your Campaigns

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Bhuvi Gupta
June 01, 2022

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In this week’s letter 📨:

  • 🚨 Meta bug alert - talk to your rep!
  • 💣 Why iOS 14 wrecked your ads
  • ⚠️ Using bid caps for your ads? STOP making these mistakes
  • 👟 #FeaturedAd - Kizik
  • 🚴 Branded catalog Spotlight - Specialized

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Meta Bug Alert.🐞 Hold Your Horses.

Quite a few advertisers reported overspending and inflated attribution with their Facebook ads over the weekend.

Some accounts reported their campaigns spending 2-6X the budgets in the preceding days, with CPC (cost per click) going up by 30%. 

Though Meta has not confirmed anything officially (do they ever? 🙄), @herrmanndigital tweeted that his Facebook rep confirmed the bug here: 

If you’re seeing something similar, better hit that pause button and call your guy in Facebook! ☎️

Why iOS 14 Wrecked Your Ads, and What You Can Do About It.

Yes, we know. Why is everyone STILL talking about iOS 14? 

And is there no end in sight?

In his blog post, our founder, @Karanjassar, break down why iOS 14 has caused the havoc it has, and what it means for your business. 

In short, the key lies in tracing “purchaser intent,” something Meta’s complex ad machinery rested on. 

Read on to find out how this has been affected and what Facebook is doing to get its data back. 

(Trust us, you’re going to have an AHA moment when you do!)

Are you Using Bid Caps on Meta Right? 

Bid strategies on Facebook. A lot of advertisers either use them incorrectly or don’t use them at all.

After all, the auto bidding option works just fine, so why bother, right?


Though the default (or Lowest Cost...) option is certainly a useful tool in your arsenal, you’re leaving a lot of $$ on the table if you’re not testing bid caps for scaling your ads.

But how should you do it? And are there mistakes you’re better off avoiding? 

Luckily we’ve found you a great thread to help you get started: 

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#FeaturedAd - Kizik

Brand: Kizik
Category: Footwear
Format: Video


The ad targets a niche audience - moms who always have their hands full and need stable but hands-free shoes. By narrowing down its audience, the ad is able to solve a real problem. Using ‘real people’ or relatable influencers with real-life problems makes the ad even more effective. 

A quick note on the format. Here again, the brand knows its audience and where they’re at and doesn’t try to do something for everyone. The creative is made only for story placement - no captions, no headlines, but the subtitles on each screen make the USP impossible to miss.

Now that’s a brand that means business.

Branded Catalog Spotlight - Specialized

Brand: Specialized
Category: Sporting Goods
Template type: Background removed with rule-based mapping


  • Off-centre placement with background-removed images catches the eye.
  • The dark background and brand logo make the carousel stand out in a white feed.
  • Product details and cutout prices are mapped to add interest and create urgency.
  • Metadata mapping to display colors available provides a seamless experience from the ad to the website.

Branded Catalogs help design and automate your product feed. Learn more here.

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