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Everything You Need To Know About OpenStore As A Founder

A lot of eCommerce aggregators slowed down in 2021 as people returned to pre-pandemic buying patterns.

But OpenStore, founded in 2021, is going strong, even raising new funding as late as September 2022, at a time when Meta, and even Shopify (SHOP) stocks have come tumbling in light of slowing quarterly growth.

But what is OpenStore?

And how does it work?

Moreover, what’s in it for you?

Learn all about how OpenStore values businesses, and what the value of your business may be, should you decide to sell it.

Take a look at this thread by @Karanjassar, Socioh’s CEO and Founder, as he breaks down the OpenStore founder @rabois’ podcast with @moizali and @mrsharma.

P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about eCommerce, DTC, investing, and finance, don’t miss @Karanjassar’s second thread on the podcast.

David Herrmann’s Best Advice For BFCM 2022

Want advice from the best?

Lucky for all of us, @andrewfoxwell of Foxwell Digital interviewed advertising genius @hermanndigital, and the result, as expected, is EPIC.

You can watch the entire video here:

Alternatively, head to Andrew’s blog here, and watch the highlights — or refer to the timestamp to skip to your preferred section.

Want our top 10 picks? You only had to ask! 🤝

  • 3:50 - Starting your sales earlier can help. But how early should you start? + 54:01 - How do you not bombard or bore your customers with BFCM messaging if you're starting earlier this year?

  • 5:57 - Does discounting work? What could be some alternatives?

  • 10:35 - Q4 ad objective optimization set-up and optimization window settings to scale up or down

  • 20:40 - How long do you need to wait before even beginning to optimize/adjust your ads?

  • 21:23 - What are the best days to launch new assets and creative tests?

  • 28:35 - Are Broad Campaigns the best campaigns to run?

  • 38:24 - What do you plan to run in most client accounts this BFCM?

  • 51:02 - How do you plan to utilize Advantage+ this BFCM?

  • 58:26 - In terms of DABA do you see it out performing other creatives that you’re using?

Have you started running your BFCM campaigns yet?

P.S. Send us your best BFCM learnings, we’d love to feature them in our newsletter!

3 Underrated Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Ads

The impact of iOS14 on ad performance cannot be overstated.

The data loss and attribution changes have left a lot of businesses struggling.

But before you look towards complex solutions, here are @ImChaseMohseni‘s 3 simple tips that still work.

Thanks for the timely reminder on the importance of storytelling and customer experience, Chase!

#FeaturedAd - Quince

Brand: QuinceCategory: ApparelFormat: Video


It took a pandemic, but we finally have comfy work pants!

With so many of us returning to the office after remote work, it’s no surprise that “pants that look like work pants but feel like yoga pants” are all the rage. And truth be told, with a hook like that, the ad had our attention immediately. PLUS, the pants are under $35, anti-crease, and machine washable! With user-generated content, a competitive price point, and a product showcase, the ad really knows how to speak to its audience.

We’re team PJs for life, and we’re sold!

See this ad and 1000s of others in Socioh’s ads library.

#BrandedCatalog Spotlight - BFCM

Template type: BFCM

Black Friday template for catalog ads created through Socioh.com


  • The unique design with Black Friday tape across the bottom immediately highlights your promotions.

  • The minimalist design is tailor-made to focus on the store’s lifestyle images.

  • Slight variation in tape placement holds interest and creates movement as shoppers browse the carousel from left to right.

Replace primary product photos in your catalog ads with secondary or custom images in just one click. Learn more about Socioh’s Branded Catalogs here.

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