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P.S. You really don’t need yet another expensive attribution tool.

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  • 💡The simple approach to making ad decisions and why you NEED it now

  • ⬆️ How Yevu gets 19X in returns from its BOF catalog

  • 💰 Scaling? Here’s why MER is one of your most important metrics

  • 🧳 #FeaturedAd - Aday

  • 🛀 #BrandedCatalog Spotlight - 100 Senses

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What Metrics Do You Really Need Post iOS14? The Simple Approach To Making Ad Decisions

We’ve been talking about post-iOS14 data loss for a while.

And with reason.

With ATT changes, Facebook lost customer intent data, directly affecting advertisers’ returns.

In addition, Facebook’s own attribution suffered, making it near impossible for marketers to make informed decisions about which ads to scale, keep running, or kill.

As a result, marketers resorted to third-party attribution tools, which equipped businesses with in-depth data to help them make decisions about their ad spend.

But it’s time to take a hard look at what data you really need, and the quickest way to make decisions about your campaigns.

Is there a quick, simple, AND reliable way to make decision-making easier?

Socioh’s CEO and Founder, @Karanjassar, breaks it down in his thread here:

Want to test it out for yourself?

Sign up to Socioh and get in touch from within our app for early access to our bid recommendations tool. 🫰🏻

Yevu Increases Its ROAS by 30% Within 2 Months. Steal Their Strategy NOW

It’s not easy running a business.

And it gets even more challenging when you’re a responsible clothing brand with a unique identity and a limited collection.

Australian brand Yevu used Socioh’s Branded Catalogs to showcase its bold prints and get 19X returns at the bottom of the funnel (BOF).

And that’s not all.

The brand shifted 40% of its ads to Branded Catalogs, with a resulting 30% increase in revenue in just 2 months.

AMAZING, right?

Want to know how they did it?

GIF of man screaming "Tell me How"

We asked them to share their strategy just for you! YASS! 🙌

Read all about it here.

Why You Need to Care About Your Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER) STAT

Growing your business?

Then you need to know how if your additional ad spend is bringing you returns.

How do you do it?


Keep an eye on your MER or Marketing Efficiency Ratio to calculate exactly when to stop pumping more $$ into your ads.

This thread by @DaveRekuc, President and COO at Bambu Earth, is all you need to get started:

P.S. Socioh’s all-new dashboard gives you your MER and aMER (acquisition MER) daily. Pretty cool? We did say we’re here to help!

#FeaturedAd - Aday

Brand: AdayCategory: ApparelFormat: Video


Guilty of overpacking? Us too!

Who doesn’t like to travel? We’ve all got our bucket lists and those miles adding up but traveling light still remains a distant dream.

Aday’s ad starts with this problem and then provides a solution in the form of its stylish, lightweight, wrinkle-free wardrobe staples. It’s a ubiquitous problem with a simple solution. If you’re a frequent traveler, chances are that Aday has got your attention. Sometimes just stating a problem, combined with great lifestyle shots over 14 seconds is really all it takes to get a click.

See this ad and 1000s of others in Socioh’s ads library.

#BrandedCatalog Spotlight - 100 Senses

Brand: 100 SensesCategory: Bath and BodyTemplate type: Review template with multiple variations

Custom Branded Catalog design for 100 senses


  • Minimalist design of the template helps shoppers focus on product images and reviews.

  • Reviews are automatically mapped to showcase social proof and increase trust.

  • Multiple variations of the design help fit product images of varying dimensions perfectly.

  • Alternating background colors in pastels help the brand stand out in a busy feed.

Automatically map reviews from trusted apps or a .CSV file. Learn more about Socioh’s Branded Catalogs here.

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