💣 Reality check for Haus, Blue Nile. The downfall of DTC?

Can YOU survive an economic slowdown?

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  • ⚠️ Reality check for Haus, Blue Nile. Can YOUR business survive the recession?

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Who’s Next? Tough Days for DTC Businesses After Haus, Blue Nile

In a series of tweets on August 8, Haus’s CEO and Co-founder, Helena Price Hambrecht shared the news that has left many in the industry reeling. 

The internet darling and direct-to-consumer (DTC) aperitif brand is shutting down after its Series A funding round failed to materialize. 

Close on the heels of this shakedown comes the news about DTC jewelry brand Blue Nile selling at less than 70% of its revenue for 2021

It does force one to ask – what the hell is going on? 

And is this a sign of times to come?

Whether or not you believe we’re in the middle of a recession, the signs of a slowdown are clear. And this is especially evident in the eCommerce industry, though the damage can be seen in advertising, SaaS, logistics, shipping, and beyond. 

And the slowdown is expected to last at least until the last quarter of 2023, so the best one can do is hang on. 

Difficult times, tough people, right?

We’ve put together a cheatsheet with some of the best advice out there to survive a recession.

What are your options if your business needs a lifeline? Read more here.

Protect Your Meta Business Account From Being Hacked NOW

In case you haven’t already heard, Facebook is seeing a slew of ad accounts being hacked into.

The MO is simple. Hackers gain access to your business manager or ad account and run ads from it, using your credit card to pay for ads that direct away from your website.And if that isn’t worrying enough, they can even take over your ad account or get your ad account banned.

But there are things you can do to protect yourself and your business. 

Read this thread by @binghott here to learn more:

P.S. Do scroll all the way to the end - Tweets 17 and 18 detail the ways in which you can protect your ad account. 

Spending over $10K a Day in Ads? STEAL Ash Melvani’s Campaign Structure 

If you’re spending over 10K a day in ads, @AshvinMelwani just gave away his campaign structure. 

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Want to copy it? Here you go: 

Spends not that high?  No problem!

We’ve got @PhilKiel to the rescue here

You’re WELCOME! 🤝🏽

#FeaturedAd - Prose

Brand: ProseCategory: HaircareFormat: Video


Myth-busters are a great hook to sell products. 

In contrast to what commercial shampoo brands want shoppers to believe, Prose tells it like it is. This does two things: 

1) It shows how the beauty industry is lying to consumers about harmful ingredients, tapping into their fears about quality, and the resulting damage to their hair, and, 

2) Sets itself apart as a customized solution that uses only natural ingredients to give great results. 

The last few seconds of the video showcase a collage of user-generated content and the video ends with a review, underscoring real, verifiable results. The format is very watchable, and the production quality keeps things real and believable. 💯

See this ad and 1000s of others in Socioh’s ads library.

#BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Bryan Anthonys


  • Beautiful lifestyle images let shoppers visualize how the product would fit into their wardrobes.

  • Uses reviews to instill trust - especially at the middle and bottom of the funnel (MOF/BOF). 

  • No frills or added graphics - simple, minimal designs let the products speak for themselves.

Socioh’s Branded Catalogs are proven to improve your CTR by 31%. Learn more here.

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