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This founder-led fishing store scaled 3X while increasing its ROAS

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In this week’s letter 📨:

  • ⬆️ Why 99 Strikes Fishing Co had to hire staff during a pandemic

  • 🛎️ 5 Top takeaways from Meta’s performance summit

  • ​​ The easiest way to add UTMs to your TikTok ads

  • ​​​​🍲 #FeaturedAd - Huel

  • 🧕 #BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Gesso

  • 🆕 New @Socioh

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How This Founder Used Socioh To Scale 3X During A Pandemic

As the hands-on founder of 99 Strikes Fishing Co and committed dad, Josh Hettinger is a busy man.

Having tried several “time-consuming and difficult-to-use DIY apps to run ads”, he shifted to Socioh in March 2022, and hasn’t looked back since.

He even had to add extra warehouse space and hire more staff to keep up with orders — all during a pandemic.

Want to know how Socioh’s Branded Catalogs and full-funnel campaigns helped Josh scale his store?

Check out our case study here.

5 Essential Takeaways From Meta’s Performance Marketing Summit

Tuesday saw Meta’s much-anticipated Performance Marketing Summit in SF.

Couldn’t make it there?

Here’s a thread by @AaronJNosbisch if you’re feeling left out! And here’s another by @iamshackelford that goes over some key announcements.


Here’s everything you REALLY need to know about what’s coming:

  • ASC (or Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns): Meta is pushing AI in campaigns, and de-emphasizing audiences to let advertisers focus on creatives — we all knew this was coming!

  • More Adv+ controls: Meta is pushing Adv+ across the board. This means audience, catalog, placements, etc. so that advertisers can push whichever AI levers they want.
    P.S. Can’t keep track of everything Adv+? Use our handy guide.

  • Reels: Meta is soon launching music optimization for reels, in addition to allowing bugger CTAs (yay!) and ‘watch and browse’ options

  • Creator/Partner Ads: Native content to get more visibility, with organic boosts via mentions and tags.

  • Catalog: Videos in catalogs, greater customization controls, etc.

Which are you most excited about? We’re rooting for videos in catalogs!

The Easy Guide To Adding UTMs To Your TikTok Ads

No longer the new kid on the block, TikTok has fast turned into a reliable channel for marketing.

With lots of room to experiment and create viral content, the channel is gaining popularity with advertisers and founders.

But here comes the problem.

If you’re running ads on multiple platforms, how do you reliably track which channel is bringing you sales?

And the confusion only increases with more volume.

This is where UTMs can help.

Adding UTMs to your Tiktok ads can help you pinpoint which campaign(s) influenced a sale.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to adding UTMs to your TikTok ads.

#FeaturedAd - Huel

Brand: Huel
Category: Food & Beverage
Format: Single Image (Feed)


How many times have you skimmed over ads advertising healthy meal plans thinking they’d be unaffordable?

This ad by Huel doesn’t shy away from addressing their shoppers’ most-pressing concern right up top.

By showing shoppers exactly how much each meal will cost, Huel does two things at once:

  • Get the right audience into the funnel — you’ll click on the ad only if the numbers look affordable.

  • Take away the initial resistance to make their product look a lot more accessible.

And if you needed more convincing, the great graphics and benefits highlighted pack a punch too.

Want more ideas? See this ad and 1000s of others in Socioh’s ads library.

#BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Gesso

Brand: Gesso
Category: Fashion & Jewelry
Template type: 2-variation template for product images with different dimensions


  • A minimalist template that showcases the store’s beautiful photos and branding.

  • The template has 2 variations — square and vertical — so that images of different dimensions are perfectly fitted automatically.

  • Cut-price and ‘On Sale’ labels are used to convey value and create FOMO.

Always get perfectly-fitted products in your catalog ads — no more cropped heads or white bars. Learn more about Branded Catalogs here.

🛎 What’s New @Socioh

Have you noticed we’ve been busy? Here’s a quick roundup of our new features and updates:

  • Need to step away while editing your catalog but don’t want to start from scratch? Or need to save a design while your team reviews it? Now save a draft of your catalog and publish it only when you’re 100% satisfied.

Want to request a feature? Reply to this email describing a problem you’d like us to solve and we’ll check feasibility and add it to our pipeline.

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