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+ Get ready for Google’s cookie deprecation

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In this week’s letter 📨:

  • Time to switch to broad audiences on Meta?

  • ​​​​😱 Google’s cookie deprecation is coming. Are you ready?

  • Drive more sales with email using these 5 tips

  • ​​​​🌸 #FeaturedAd - Jones Road Beauty

  • 💄 #BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Ogee

  • 🆕 New Ads @Socioh

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Should You Revise Your Campaign Structure On Meta?

Post-iOS 14, more and more accounts are relying heavily on broad audiences and creative testing.

In fact, most brands we work with aren’t even running retargeting campaigns, letting Meta’s AI optimize spend. In most accounts, ASC (also known as Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns) ads are now spending at least 60% of the total advertising budget.

But does this mean that retargeting audiences and customer journeys are dead?

And what should you do with your lookalike and interest-based campaigns?

P.S. Want a quick overview? Here are some of our key learnings:

  • Retargeting ads are no longer as lucrative as they used to be.

  • Advantage+ Shopping campaigns (ASC) are here to stay

  • Catalog ads are proving insanely profitable 
    BONUS: Check out Nik Sharma’s insights into turning them into your ad account’s heavy-lifters.🏋️

If you haven’t yet heard, Google is set to eliminate all third-party cookies from Chrome browsers by the end of 2024.

As part of its Tracking Protection initiative, Google has already rolled out this feature to 1% of Chrome users via desktop and Android as an initial test (that’s 30 million users!).

So, what does this mean for advertisers? And is this a repeat of iOS 14.5

More importantly, what can you do to prepare? 

Here’s a quick and easy resource by Jon Loomer detailing what you can do, and another on the open questions that still face advertisers.

TL;DR: Enable first-party cookies on your Meta pixel and make sure you have your Conversions API (CAPI) turned on. And if iOS 14 has taught us anything, remarketing will still be possible, but it won’t remain the same.

5 Hacks To Driving More Sales With Email

Want to do more with your email? 

As you should!

Done right, email marketing can drive more revenue from your existing customers and lower your CPA (cost per acquisition) significantly.

We’ve talked about driving more sales from email in the past too. 

But no one has made it quite as simple as @danavirsarria

That’s it. 5 simple tips to achieving more sales with email.

NOTE: #2 is an eye-opener. It’s hard to believe that the fear-mongering around a large email list affecting deliverability is just a myth!

Brand: Jones Road Beauty
Category: Beauty & Personal Care
Format: Video (Feed & Story)


If you were going by best practices alone, you’d never make this ad.

At almost 2 minutes long, this video is longer than most ad gurus will recommend.

And yet, this is a great ad for Jones Road’s target audience.

Let’s take a look at what stood out for us: 

  • The opening line or hook “I’ve been looking for a product like this my whole life” and the caption and headline help create curiosity. 

  • The very next sentence makes you keep watching — “Moisture, a pop of color, and glow — I had no idea one product could do all that.”

  • Next, the video educates. It shows the brand owner talking about the product, and showing viewers how easy it is to use (“anyone can use it”).

  • The product close-ups with UGC-style video (product being used on real people) recreate an in-store experience — as if viewers were trying on product samples.

  • Finally, if you watch to the end, the brand invites you to click with a CTA to “Find your shade”. 

What we think: The fact that the brand owner talks about her products and how not having access to easy-to-use makeup products was why she started the brand, helps create a personal connection and drive trust.

After all, if you’re not passionate about your products, why should your shoppers be?

Want more ideas? See this ad and 1000s of others in Socioh’s ad library.

#BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Ogee

Brand: Ogee
Category: Beauty & Personal Care
Template type: Lifestyle image with review


  • The template uses the brand’s lifestyle images to showcase how the brand’s products fit into their shoppers’ lives.

  • 5-star reviews are mapped to highlight social proof and stress on product quality and feel.

  • The minimalist design with quotation marks aligns with the brand’s clean and organic beauty aesthetic.

Use lifestyle images in your catalog ads. Check out how to use lifestyle images with Socioh’s Branded Catalogs.

New Ads @Socioh

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P.S. We update our library with new ads every week

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