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  • ⬆️ How to use Meta’s bid strategies to SCALE your revenue

  • 🥇 New to running ads? Here are 5 tips that are marketing gold

  • 🫰 See how a CPG brand lowered their CAC with ONE simple trick

  • 🛋️ #FeaturedAd - Nathan James Home

  • 👗 #BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Ted Baker London

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Scale Your Ad Spend with Meta’s Cost and Bid Caps

You have your winning creatives. 

You also know which audiences perform well, and are generating steady revenue. 

What’s next? 

If you’re considering scaling your ad spend, you may want to consider Meta’s bid strategies. 

By default, Meta optimizes your campaigns for the highest value (also called lowest cost in the past), which means that it will use its algorithm to get you the maximum possible revenue from your ads. 

This is great, especially if you’re a small business. 

But what if you would like to move as much inventory as possible as long as you do so profitably?

One way to do that is to tell Facebook to get you a sale as long as the cost of the sale — also known as CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) — is below what makes sense for your business.

So how do you do this using Meta’s bid strategies? And what is the correct way to set up your bid campaigns? 

Read this blog post by our CEO and Founder, Karan Jassar, to find out. 

BONUS: Karan gives away his top tips on adjusting and managing bid campaigns.💯

Attention New Media Buyers: Here are 5 TIPS to Remember 

Are you a founder starting ads for your brand?

A media buyer beginning your journey with an agency? 

While media buying trends change yearly (or even sooner), there is some advice that remains relevant no matter what the numbers look like. 

Here are 5 valuable tips if you’re a media buying beginner. Think of them as laying the foundation for your career in paid ads.

GIF with a woman saying this is gold

Follow these, and ROAS will follow. REALLY! 

Don’t forget to tell us which tip you found most helpful! 😊

How to Use Offers to Optimize Your CAC 

Struggling to lower your CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)? 

But you’ve already got creatives with great hooks, a good CTR, and a vetted campaign setup.

So what’s wrong? Why aren’t you able to convert your website visitors?

Sometimes, the answer isn’t your campaigns or pricing, but the offers you are promoting. 

Learn from this CPG brand that optimized its CAC and its ROAS using ONE simple insight:

P.S. Always ask for and pay attention to customer feedback. If you didn’t already know it, your FB feed comments are your most valuable resource for shopper insights.

 Thank you Connor Rolain 🙏🏻

#FeaturedAd - James Nathan Home

Brand: James Nathan HomeCategory: FurnitureFormat: Video


It looks so easy to assemble!

One of the biggest pain points for shoppers buying home furniture online is how tricky assembly may be. Using a UGC-type short video that shows how easy this coffee table is to assemble is great for objection busting. Plus, its compact and modern design makes it easy to imagine it in your space.

The ad headline goes the extra length. Free trial for 100 days?! Brb, I’m ordering it right away!

See this ad and 1000s of others in Socioh’s ads library.

#BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Ted Baker London

Branded Catalog for Ted Baker London


  • The minimalist catalog showcases the store’s great lifestyle shots.

  • The first image is ‘fitted’ lengthwise to show the product worn.

  • The second image zooms in on details so shoppers get a better sense of fit and fabric.

  • The ‘movement’ from the two shots draws attention, making the catalog stand out in any social media feed.

Showcase secondary images in your product feed. Learn more about Socioh's Branded Catalogs here.

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