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Need ideas? We’ve compiled this year’s best BFCM creatives just for you.

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  • ⬆️ The best BFCM ads for some year-end inspiration

  • 🛍️ Haven’t set up your IG Shop yet? Do it NOW

  • 💵 13x your revenue without discounts. What?

  • ​​👟 #FeaturedAd - Oliver Cabell

  • 🧥 #BrandedCatalog Spotlight - The Source

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Thumb-Stopping BFCM Creatives (And Deals!) We Can’t Help But Steal

Had a good BFCM?

Could be better?

Well, the holidays aren’t over yet!

There’s plenty of time to convince those year-end shoppers to buy from you.

Want to know which creatives (and deals) made us stop scrolling?

Check out this thread by @Karanjassar:

Need more ideas? Socioh’s Ads Library has BFCM ‘22 creatives from over 100 brands!

Yes, we’re that quick when it comes to bringing you the most helpful content! 🥳

IG Shops Not Set Up? You’re Missing Out!

Meta is pushing shops and a lot of stores that have them set up are seeing pretty great results.

Don’t believe us? Look at the responses to this tweet by @TaylorHoliday:

So what are you waiting for?

Find out everything about shops and how to get your product feed ready for them here.

P.S. Meta has been handing out credit to run Shops ads. Get in touch with your FB marketing rep to ask for some if they haven’t offered!

This Brand Did 13x In Revenue Without Discounts This Black Friday. WHAT?

Can’t believe it? Well, neither could we.

Not until we heard it straight from the CEO himself.

Want to know how Haven Athletic did it? Read the thread by @calebulf here:

Genius, right?

Would you try this strategy?

P.S. Speaking of impressive, here’s Shopify’s overview of BFCM 2022. Here’s to independent businesses and the people that keep them running. 🥂

#FeaturedAd - Oliver Cabell

Brand: Oliver CabellCategory: FootwearFormat: Video

Caption: Black Friday Sale Is Here! 25% - 50% off with code BFCMHeadline: 25% - 50% Off Starts Now! 3,000+ five-star reviews.


Rushed holiday season? Have a thousand and one things to do? No problem.

Just take a video that’s already performed well in your account and add a sticker to it with your best offer. Voila!

In addition to the fact that this ad is easy to put together if you’re in a rush, it checks all the right boxes: the product's value is clearly highlighted, the ad uses PR features to showcase social proof and create FOMO, and the caption and headline spell out the offer clearly.

What we love about this ad? It doesn’t try hard. In fact, it looks like it doesn’t try AT ALL. The “almost ugly” sticker is so obvious it’s hard to miss, and makes the ad look less designed and more relatable. (Remember, pretty has little to do with how effective ads are!). We’re totally using this idea for some year-end prospecting.

Want more ideas? See this ad and 1000s of others in Socioh’s ads library.

#BrandedCatalog Spotlight - The Source

Brand: The SourceCategory: ApparelTemplate type: Black Friday with cut-price and mapped discounts

Black Friday Branded Catalog created by apparel brand The Source using Socioh


  • Bold band in red and black with "Black Friday" messaging draws the eye. (TIP: Change the black to green and the message to use as a Christmas template.)

  • Exact discounts and cut prices are mapped onto each product card to bring attention to the great deals.

  • The brand’s logo is added to help improve brand recall.

Edit any of Socioh's templates to customize your catalog feed. Learn more about Socioh’s Branded Catalogs here.

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