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  • ❌ Why you’re doing Facebook Lookalikes all WRONG.
  • 🚦Get FREE traffic to your Shopify store - The best thread ever!
  • 🙅‍♀️ Running Google ads? Here are 7 mistakes to avoid.
  • ☠️ #FeaturedAd - Death Wish Coffee
  • 🎾 Branded Catalog Spotlight - Tengo Sport

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Your Lookalikes Audiences Need More Love

Are you using your email marketing tool to create lookalike audiences on Facebook? 


And like most things Meta, this is especially true post-iOS 14.5. 


Most email marketing tools do not send your customer value when syncing past buyers with Facebook.

This is definitely true of Klaviyo’s native integration with Facebook. But what if you’re using CLTV-based customer lists? 

You’ve still got a problem. 

Our CEO and founder, Karan Jassar, explains why in his blog here.
(BONUS: He also tells you what you can do about it! 🥳)

Bottom line? If you’re not sending RFM values with your customer lists, you’re LOSING OUT.

A Step-by-step Guide to Getting FREE Traffic to your Store

Who doesn’t like freebies? 

What if we told you that you can get free traffic worth thousands of $$$ from Google to your Shopify store? 

How? Lucky you asked because we have the best (and easiest) guide for you to go from 5,000 to 150,000 visitors per month, with just 3 key actions:

  • Run a quick search on terms or keywords your shoppers are searching for (use this tool).
  • Optimize your core site pages for the keywords most relevant to you.
  • Create quality content - even 1 blog a week can help you multiply your traffic over as little as 1 to 2 years. 🤯

Want to read more on how to rank higher in Google search results and keep getting quality traffic? Here you are:

P.S. Thinking this is ‘yet another SEO thread'? Nope, this is DOPE! Trust us, we’ve read loads.

Top 7 Google Ads Mistakes That Are Costing You - And How to Fix Them

Running Google Ads but not seeing great results?

This super helpful thread by @blvckledge can help you check if you’re making these mistakes:

P.S. Number 2 is more common than you’d think! Always bet on yourself, good folks! 🙌 

Which one did you find most helpful?

#FeaturedAd - Death Wish Coffee

Brand: Death Wish Coffee
Category: Beverage
Format: Video


Not everyone’s cuppa, perhaps, but this brand knows its target audience - serious coffee junkies nostalgic about their Death Metal days.

The ad uses a dark background, and bold, high-contrast lettering to stand out in a white feed, pulling the focus to the product. And don't miss the last screen, which includes a product showcase to great effect. Goes to show how you don’t need a pro-grade set up to create good ads - good product shots, bold, high-contrast text, and speaking to your customers will go a long way.

Branded Catalog Spotlight - Tengo Sport

Brand: Tengo Sport
Category: Sporting Goods
Template type: Background removed with cut-price


  • Rotating background with pastel gradients brings attention to the ad in a predominantly white feed.
  • The catalog subtly creates FOMO for past pucrhasers by showing them ‘back in stock’ products that are likely to sell out soon.
  • Sale stickers and cut prices are used to highlight discounts to help shoppers convert faster. ('REA' means sale in Swedish.)

Branded Catalogs help design and automate your product feed. Learn more here.

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