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Copy this Email/SMS strategy for Memorial Day 2024

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Improve Your Product Feed To Get More Sales On Meta


Running catalog ads on Meta but not seeing returns? 

The problem could be with the product feed you’re sending to Meta. 

But how do you improve your product feed, especially if you’re using a Shopify Product Catalog to advertise on Meta? 

Use a supplementary feed. 

Yes, it’s that simple. 

Not only can you send any missing information (think Google Product Category, sizing or color variants, etc.), you can also replace existing information such as images (yes, images!) — without losing campaign or catalog optimizations. 

Steal this Email/SMS Strategy To Turbocharge Memorial Day Sales

Don’t have your emails/SMS strategy for Memorial Day Promotions dialed in? 


Just copy this exact flow and watch the $$$ roll in:

Thank you @yojimmykim for this absolute 💎

TIP: Want a super easy way to show your offer on Meta but don’t have time for new creatives? Just use Socioh’s Smart Switch to add your promo to your catalog ads in minutes — all without losing learnings! Sign up for a no-obligation demo.

Testing Ads Featuring Customer Reviews? Do THIS

Running an ad featuring a review?

Pick a review with a comparison to make it more effective. 

This study found that positive comparisons, especially in reviews, help people make buying decisions quicker. 

Reviews with positive comparisons (e.g. product A is better than product B because…) increased sales 26.5% more than regular reviews (product A is great because…). 

So why not use this information to run your next creative test? 

Here are a couple of ideas to test now: 

ICYMI: We’ve featured examples of ads with reviews here, here, and here. What if you could make them even more effective with a review that includes a comparison?

BONUS: Want to incentivize users to leave reviews with comparisons? Here are 2 tips you can use: 

  • Use prompts like “How do Product A’s features rate against Product B’s?”

  • In the placeholder text of the review box, include sentences like “I liked [product] better than [other product] because…”

Brand: Hum Nutrition
Category: Health Supplements
Format: Static Ad (Story)


Who doesn’t want a flatter stomach and less bloat? 

And all of it in a supplement?!

If HUM Nutrition’s acid green visual isn’t enough to grab your attention, the copy in bold “The Flatter Stomach, Less Bloat Favorite” will certainly incentivize you to stop scrolling. 

And that’s not all. Notice the simple travel checklist in a blue dialog box with emojis? Here’s why it’s a great idea: 

  • By using this DIY-style element, the brand makes their ad look more like a casual conversation with a customer and less like an ad. 

  • The choice of copy and the use of emojis make the ad even more relatable, evoking a UGC-style creative without (paying for) an influencer. 

  • It sets up this product as a travel essential — so you’ll be more interested in this product if you’re planning a trip. 

Win-win? We thought so!

Want more ideas? See this ad and 1000s of others in Socioh’s ad library.

#BrandedCatalog Spotlight - Lakshita

Brand: Lakshita
Category: Apparel
Template type:  Collection-based discount messaging


  • The vertical template showcases the brand’s lifestyle images without white bars. 

  • Discount messaging maps collection-specific discounts — ensuring that shoppers see the best price for any product in the catalog. 

  • A second image behind the pink overlay used to display discounts adds texture to the catalog design.

Use multiple images from your store in your dynamic ads. Learn how to leverage additional images with Socioh’s Branded Catalogs.

New Ads @Socioh

New ads this week — Salt & Straw Ice Cream, Pair Eyewear, Branch Basics, and more. Find these ads and tons of inspiration in Socioh’s ad library.

P.S. We update our library with new ads every week.

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